My thesis project is about form,

structure and the creation of bird nests
in relation to human design of nests.

Birds have a natural instinct inside them to build a certain nest. There is one singular purpose of these nests, which is to attract a mate and to lay their eggs. This form serves no other purpose. Birds obtain the materials that are around them to construct the form.

Humans have no purpose in building a nest. We are not born with the instinct to build a nest. Our nests contain no physical purpose other than to demonstrate trial and error.
The form is dictated by the way we think
as humans.

The end result of this project is to have people think about the instinctual process versus the design process.

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Their were two purpose of these language charts, one was to figure out how the word nest connects to the word design. The second was to help put my idea in my head into words my colleagues will understand.